You may also send your tax-deductible check made out to the San Jose Rotary Club Foundation, 1690 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 95112. Please write “Weimers Awards” in the check’s memo field. You may also call (408) 297-6100 to donate by credit card.

For more information or to become a donor, please email

We are very grateful to the following Rotary Club members, friends and businesses for their generous donations to the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artists Awards:

Donor Organizations:

The Knight Foundation Endowment of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Rotary Club of San Jose
The Spirit of San Jose Award Committee
Bruce Newman
Nick Nichols*

Individual Donors:

Brian Adams*
Teresa Alvarado
Robert Baines
Bonnie Bamburg
Brad Baron
Jason and Laura Bennert
Kristin Bertrand
Rolumban Boesch
Steve Borkenhagen*
Rick and Violet Boyle
Jeff and Kathleen Bracco
Alida Bray
Lina Broydo*
Barbara Campisi
Sarah Clish*
David E. Cohen
Mary Curtis*
Jim D’Amico
Dave Davis
Bert George
Anita Del Grande
Chris Del Pilar
Rod Diridon
Susan Ellenberg
Andrew Erwin
Cindy Faulkner
Pam Foley
Bert George
Barbara Goldstein

Mary Gottschalk
Jerry Hanson
Christine Harris
David Heindel
Jake Heindel
Laura Henderson
Dick Henning
John Hopkins
Kathleen Keeshen
Pam Kelly
Bob Kieve (deceased)
Cathy Kimball*
Janikke Klem
Norm Kline
Elaine Knoernschild
Gary Kremen
Larry Kuechler
Jason Laker
Tawnya Lancaster
Heather Lerner
Machelle and Ben Locsin
Lisa Mallette*
Steve Mangold
Ken Matsumoto
Julie Matsushima
John McCluggage
Charlie McCollum*
Doug McLendon
Carolyn Meredith
Carolyn and Daniel Meron
Sandra Moll
Laura Monczynski
Ivonne Montes de Oca
Timothy Near

Jim Nielsen
Sal Pizarro*
Amanda Rawson
Brendan Rawson
Jim Reber
Richard Ressman
Frances Rushing
Burga Santiago
Carmen Sigler
Jerry Silva
Stewart Slater*
Pieter Smith
Darren Sparks
Clarence Stone
Larry Stone
Phil Strong
Michael Van Every
Laurie and Mike Warner
Geri Weimers*
Kristin Weimers*
Ken Wiener
Colleen Wilcox*
Tom Wohlmut
Steve Yvaska
Fernando Zazueta
(Committee members who are donors are marked with *)

In-kind Donors:
Cafe Stritch
Coast Engraving
Nick Kumamoto
Harry Powers
Anthony Texeira
Sam Wool
WMS Media